Easy CardEasy Cards - All machines are activated using the coinless Easy Card system.

Easy Card acts like a debit card. The card is dispensed from our Easy Card Center by inserting a US currency bill with any amount from $1.00 to $20. Each time the card is used to activate a washer or dryer, the amount on the card is reduced by the price required. When the amount remaining on the Easy Card is insufficient to start a machine, you simply return to the Easy Card Center to reload the card. You only need one Easy Card. Use it over and over again.

Why not coins?

Bill to Bill Changer


Bill to Bill Changer ATM



Clean, Secure Washrooms


Kid's Kozy Korner

Wash 'n Fold Service

Ask about our Premium Wash 'n Fold Service. You drop off your laundry project. We wash, dry, and fold for you to pickup. Available only during attended hours (9am to 6pm on non-holidays).

Digital TV

Wi-Fi Internet


Green Equipment

Dexter Washer

33 Dexter Express Washers (20 lb to 55 lb capacity)


Dexter Washer

30 Dryers (30 lb to 80 lb capacity)

Popular, Established laundry products
Laundry products are available in our vending machines. Use your Easy Card to earn Frequent Dryer Miles.