What to Expect

What to expect from Monroe Laundry Company:


A clean, comfortable, safe environment

Prompt, friendly, superior service

Quality products. Modern, efficient equipment

Private, clean restrooms

Fair, reasonable and competitive prices

What is expected of you:

Respect for fellow customers.

Respect for equipment and facilities.

Report equipment issues so they can be corrected and you are not inconvenienced further.

Please recover all of your clothing from washers and dryers. If something is missing, check our “Lost Socks Recovery Center”. It might be there. Items left over 7 days will be donated to a clothing bank or tossed.

Even perfect children require parental supervision. Monroe Laundry is not certified as a day care center and cannot accept responsibility for their care or behavior.


Please refrain from washing these items at Monroe Laundry Company

Hazardous Materials - Items soaked in oil, gasoline or other flammable petroleum products are not allowed.

Horse Blankets - We are happy to refer you to HOOFBEAT BLANKETS. Their only business is cleaning and repairing horse blankets. Drop at Hill Street Cleaners (201 N. Lewis St) or call 206-390-0016 for pickup and delivery.

Hoofbeat Blankets

Please see the attendant regarding the proper method of washing special items, removing stains, proper bleaching techniques, etc.